The Rune Age World Expands with Oath & Anvil!

May 1, 2012 by brennon

Rune Age is one of those special card games that everyone should own. My gaming group and I picked it up late last year and we have been playing it at almost every session! The core game contains rules and races for four players to work either competitively or co-operatively in a variety of different game types. So when I saw an expansion was coming, I needed to shout about it!

Check out Oath & Anvil from Fantasy Flight Games below...

Rune Age - Oath and Anvil Expansion

Oath & Anvil introduces two new races to the world of Terrinoth in Rune Age, the Dwarves (so I obviously need to buy this expansion right away) and the Orcs. Both have their own new capitals and armies to command and are fully compatible with the existing scenarios and races.

Rune Age Race Capitals

As you may expect the Dwarves play the long game, preferring to build up their forces and gold before unleashing their fury. The Orcs on the other hand are berserk individuals ready to get into combat as quickly as possible.

Rune Age Card Fan #1

Rune Age Card Fan #2

Rune Age Card Fan #3

As well as the new factions there are new cards for the existing races as well as new mercenaries and powers to play along with the upcoming game modes. In Ascent of the Overlord one player will take on the role of the a malevolent evil master and the game becomes a fight of one against many. However if co-operative games don't float your boat then how about The Quest for Power, where all races must control ancient landmarks before launching attacks on each other and move to gain the mysterious artefact.

You can probably tell by now that I can't wait for this expansion. I seriously suggest picking the core game up if you enjoy fantasy card games!

Have you played Rune Age before?

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