Scum and Villainy Get A New Ship for X-Wing.

December 31, 2014 by stvitusdancern

For those of you that are looking forward to playing the Scum and Villainy faction for Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, you now have more options for type of spacecraft you can field.


The M3-A Interceptor brings in a customizable weapons platform that can cause havoc to the opposing players squadron. Want something with a little extra umph?

Heavy Scyk Laetin Ashera

There is the option for the "Heavy Scyk" which allows you to mount some heavy cannons such as an Ion Cannon, Mangler Cannon or a Flechette Cannon to real cut up your enemy. There are also special pilots, that value their own skin more than others. One such pilot is Laetin A’shera has an inherent way of evading enemy fighters.

Mangler Cannon Ion Cannon Flechette Cannon

You can can even give this ship stealth and really be a thorn in the side of your enemy. Customization is the key to this ship and being the most cutthroat pilot flying, but isn't that the point of the Scum and Villainy to dredge up the flotsam and put them into action?

What do you think of this ship and the Scum and Villainy for X-Wing? Happy New Year!

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