Star Wars: Legion Introduces New Speedy & Iconic Expansions

March 27, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off not one expansion for Star Wars: Legion but FOUR. We start with some funky looking new additions for the Clone Wars period as they introduce some new options for both the Galactic Republic and Separatists.

STAP Riders Unit Expansion - FFG

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We start with these funky fellows which showed up in those prequel films early on. Here we have the STAP Riders Unit Expansion which gives you two of these scouting droids who can lay down some covering fire as the rest of your force advances. Say what you will for the films themselves but the Droid armies of the Separatists were all rather funky and should be fun to play with on the tabletop.

Going up against them we've also got the Republic AT-RT Unit Expansion which gives you some additional and very mobile support on the tabletop. They might not be quite as fast as the STAP Riders above but they do look rather cool.

Republic AT-RT Unit Expansion - FFG

I could imagine that you'd be a bit of a sitting duck if you came to a stop atop one of these but when it comes to reconnaissance and surprising the enemy on an objective, these could be well worth investing in for your Republic force.

Grizzled Veterans

As well as the options for mounted support on the tabletop you've also got two crews which would fit in very nicely with the characters they serve alongside. We start with Clan Wren who follow in the footsteps of Sabine Wren on the battlefield.

Clan Wren Unit Expansion - FFG

Bringing the might of the Mandalorians to the tabletop, this squad comes armed with a range of pistols for close-quarters engagements plus their jetpacks for manoeuvrability. If they want to send their enemy running then they also have access to jetpack rockets which can sow havoc on the battlefield.

Following up alongside them as one of the crack teams serving as part of the Empire we have Inferno Squad. Serving alongside Iden Versio, these soldiers are equipped for the deadliest of fighting behind enemy lines and come ready to pack a punch.

Inferno Squad Unit Expansion - FFG

As well as its regular soldiers that you see there in their dark armour you also have the characters of Gideon Hask and Del Meeko from the video game which made Inferno Squad famous too. It's nice to see some actual named characters as part of a unit rather than just being relegated to individual packs. Of course, they come into play with some dangerous weapons of their own!

So, if you're looking for something new to add to your Star Wars: Legion collection then Fantasy Flight Games are going to deliver soon!

Which is your favourite expansion from this selection?

"...the Droid armies of the Separatists were all rather funky and should be fun to play with on the tabletop"

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