Comixininos Takes Blood Bowl on the Road

January 27, 2012 by brennon

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Everyone seems to love a bit of Fantasy Football, especially the grand old game of Blood Bowl. So how about taking the great game on the road with a travel version from Comixininos?

Travel Blood Bowl

How could you not want this! The game comes with...

-     Magnetic board game
-     42 Magnetic Teams (546 players)
-     2 Mini Range Rulers
-     4 six-sided Dice (7mm x 7mm): 2 red and 2 blue
-     8 Magnetic Re-roll and Turn Counters
-     3 pieces of yellow pressure-sensitive adhesive to make up to 15 footballs

That's a massive amount of teams to be going on with, and a great thing to play in-between massive games of Warhammer or 40,000 or even to round off a gaming session with friends.

Comixininos also sell Fantasy Football miniatures and accessories from many companies, so its a seriously great place to go if your looking for a dedicated site.

Might have to buy this, how about you?

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