Gaspez-Art Draft a New Fantasy Football Elf Team

May 10, 2012 by brennon

The season is about to start, you're looking for a team to manage and then Gaspez-Art comes along with a team of Elves ready to take to the field. Surely you take them up on the offer? Check out the models below...

Elf Player #1

Elf Player #2

Elf Player #3

Elf Player #4

Elf Player #5

Elf Player #6

The first impression of these is to grab them as Wood Elf stars due to the lack of armour but there's nothing to stop you using these as any kind of Elf team. I bet with the right paint scheme you could even convert these into a good Dark Elf team. The models themselves are great one pieces which is incredibly handy for getting them down on the field quickly for a game.

Will you take on the job of Elf Team Manager?

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