Gaspez-Arts get Chaotic on the Fantasy Football Field

July 16, 2012 by brennon

Gaspez-Arts have a selection of new greens to show off which certainly have a little bit of chaotic flair. Not only is there some Chaotic and mutated Marauders but a few angry Chaos Dwarves too...


Chaos Marauder #1

Chaos Marauder #2

These Marauders have some deadly looking mutations. Obviously these models are great for what Gaspez-Arts do best, Fantasy Football, but you could easily use them for the battlefield as well.

Chaos Dwarves...

Bull Centaur with Spear

Bull Centaur with Hammer

Bull Centaur with Ball

But if you're more into your Chaos Dwarves then check out these Bull Centaurs. Once again there are a variety of different options here including the Fantasy Football one. I quite like the one with the hammer and shield, very dynamic.

So are any of these going to be making it into your collection?

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