Gaspez-Arts Lets the Undead Onto the Fantasy Football Pitch

October 9, 2012 by brennon

Gaspez-Arts have some more Fantasy Football players to add to this seasons draft. This time they all have a bit of an undead flavour, and it's probably appropriate with Halloween just around the corner!

Aton - Mummy Hero

Hero Ghoul

Trofeo Evolution

Above we have Aton The Mummy, a Hero Ghoul and Trofeo Evolution. All have a nice clean cut look to them which will be fun when painting them up. I have recently started playing in a Blood Bowl league and I have faced Undead and Khemri a few times. Maybe I should keep these miniatures secret from my competitors to avoid them bringing them any good luck.

So if you're looking to bolster the members of your favourite Fantasy Football team then head over to Gaspez-Arts and pick them up!

Have you played Fantasy Football recently?

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