Greebo Release a Tall Dwarf?

April 5, 2012 by dracs

Ok to be fair he's not exactly a dwarf. He's a dwarf/Minotaur cross. But still, Greebo's new player is still a tall dwarf.

Greebo - April Releases

Greebo - Twarorf Helmet Head

I love the look of this guy and think he would be a great addition to a Chaos Dwarf force even outside of fantasy football.

Of course this isn't the only release from Greebo. Check out the latest April additions to the Greebo team.

Greebo - Hangiry the Spirit of Hunger

Greebo - Coffan the Spirit of Pestilence

Greebo - Frog Marker

Greebo - Lizard

Greebo - Skeleton

The frog and lizard markers would be useful in games of Warhammer Storm of Magic, where a couple of the spells can indeed turn heroes into frogs. Damn Bretonnians.

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