Greebo Release a Team of Teddies… from Spaaaace!

April 3, 2012 by dracs

They came from outer space, the little pink creatures arrived to destroy all who opposed them in fantasy football. And in their wake their fans cried "awww look at 'em, their so cute!" For they were the Poffy, Greebo's new alien team!

Greebo - Poffy Team

That's right, Greebo's latest team is comprised of pink alien bears! Ya gotta love it.

Greebo - Poffy Team

Greebo - Team Poffy

These have got to be some of Greebo's weirdest (and cutest) releases to date and I would love to see them being used in a game of fantasy football.

Alternatively they may be the perfect chance to get playing some sci-fi football.

Greebo didn't release these guys alone, however. They are accompanied by the release of Femo the Chained on and Priscilla, Demetrius' Daughter. Guess which is which.

Greebo - Femo and Priscilla

All in all some great stuff coming out of Greebo at the moment. Pink space teddies, what will they think of next?

Any of you tempted to spread some cute and fluffy galactic conquest?

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