Greebo Show Size Isn’t Everything

November 1, 2012 by dracs

Greebo have unveiled a new selection of players to take to the pitch of Tutatis, including one who is definitely a player after my own heart.

Tutatis - Davi the Gnome Mercenary

This is Davi, the gnomish mercenary. Ah, he gives me hope. Just because a person is short doesn't mean they have to be picked last for your team! Makes me proud to be 5ft 4".

Of course, Davi isn't the only new player you are going to be tripping over. Check out these guys.

Tutatis - Flork the Hot Orc

Tutatis - Joshy Tartalar Hero

Tutatis - Wartart Tartalar

Tutatis - Synger the Evil Puppet Sewing Machine

Tutatis - Kutong

Tutatis - Katak Tadpol

Tutatis - Katak Tadpol 2

I think these might be some of my favourite minis from Greebo, especially the tadpoles. I love those little guys, they look so cocky, like they're doing a victory dance.

Do you have a favourite miniature out of these?

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