Impact! Take Kickstarter Down Under

February 14, 2013 by dracs

Impact! have set up a Kickstarter to help kick off their new fantasy football team, the animals of the Outback. You think that's a team? THIS is a team.

Impact - Australian Animal Team

The miniatures we have seen in so far from this kickstarter are some of the most characterful that we have seen from Impact!

Impact - Emu and Bilby

Impact - Kangaroo Ref

Impact - Wombat

Impact - Platypus Players

Impact - Salt Water Croc

Impact - Dingo

It also has the most vicious looking Koalas I have ever seen.

Impact - Evil Koalas

I particularly like the sculpt of the kangaroo ref miniature and it will be really cool to see the whole team be realised through the kickstarter.

If you want to support Impact!, why not head over to the kickstarter today?

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