Impact! Release Some Damn Dirty Apes

August 28, 2012 by dracs

If any of you have read Unseen Academicals, then you will know just how good an Orang-utan can be at sport. Well Impact! are taking this one step further. Prepare for fur to fly and Apes to Rise with the new simian football team!

Just don't call them monkeys.

Impact - Armored Gorilla Blitzer

Impact - Chimpanzee Midfield

Impact - Chimpanzee Runner

Impact - Gorilla Armoured Blocker

Impact - Gibbon

Impact - Gorilla Blitzer

Impact - Orangutan Thrower

There are few things more likely to put a player off than the sight of an armoured gorilla about to tackle him for the ball. These apes don't have to beware the beast man, they can plough his face into the astro turf.

In general I would say that these are some quite nice sculpts perfect for fantasy football, or even just for creating some kind of gaming scenario around one of the greatest films of all time. Curious George.

Does any fancy fielding a team of apes? Will Impact!'s primates show just who is more highly evolved on the football pitch?

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