Neomics Patch up Your Fantasy Football Goblins

July 4, 2012 by brennon

If you haven't heard of Neomics they are a company making some awesome character miniatures for your Fantasy Football games. To give you a good taster of what's on offer they have just released a selection of sideline models for Goblin teams...

Goblin Cheerleader #1

Goblin Cheerleader #2

First up is a pair of cheerleaders for your Goblins. While they don't do anything for the discerning human I bet these lovely ladies will get the other greenskins playing at double pace.

Goblin Apothecary #1

Goblin Apothecary #2

Of course when a player gets injured you will need an Apothecary. I don't know if these guys above have any actual certificates to their name but you will certainly have to rely on them to keep you alive. Many a Goblin has shouted "keep that needle away from me!"

Goblin Apothecary Assistant

And of course no Apothecary would be complete without an Assistant. This fellow seems to be spilling guts and blood everywhere so a player somewhere has taken rather a hefty knock.

Hopefully this taster will have you checking out more form Neomics!

What's your favourite from this Goblin sideline team?

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