A Plague of Rats and Frogs Descends on Greebo

July 9, 2012 by dracs

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Two new teams have joined the massed ranks of fantasy football brilliance provided by Greebo. From herptiles to rodents, these two will be a definite favourite with animal lovers.

First we have the Mawar, uniformed rat men ready to scurry after the ball.

Greebo - Mawar Team

Greebo - Mawar Blitzer

Greebo - Mawar Runner

These verminous villains of the pitch are sure to become a firm favourite of furry football fans everywhere (isn't alliteration fun?).

Alongside the Mawar are my personal faourites, the Katak frog team.

Greebo - Katak Team

Greebo - Katak

Greebo - Yellow Katak

Now admittedly I have something of a bias towards all things that go kroak. You know BoW Ben's thing for dwarfs? With me its frogs. But all the same I think that the rather comical Aztec-ian look of the Katak is awesome and I really want to get myself a team of these guys.

Are any of you going to get ratted? Or are you feeling a frog Katak coming on?

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