Play Blood Bowl On The Move With Star Coach?

April 13, 2013 by brennon

With the news a while back that Blood Bowl Season II is coming soon from Cyanide for PC and (hopefully) consoles there seems to be another stop gap coming out. Check out the first screenshots for Blood Bowl: Star Coach...

Blood Bowl - Star Coach #1

Blood Bowl - Star Coach #2

Blood Bowl - Star Coach #3

While there isn't much to go on right now it looks like this could be some kind of tablet iOS game that allows you to play a cut down version of the game which probably sees you going up against opponents in an 'I Go You Go' system of transmitting information.

It could always be one of those terrible Facebook games where you have to wait for hours at a time to see if you've won or not. It seems like it might be this option with the games being handled by a server and then you have to sit there and watch the replay afterwards to see how it went.

Either way it's certainly a year filled with Blood Bowl, a good sign for the end of the year?

What do you make of the prospects here?

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