Princess Leya Joins the Star Bowl Team

June 25, 2013 by dracs

When playing contact sports it is important to wear protective clothing and few things will give you the same protection offered by the latest player to appear in Star Bowl, who is sporting a familiar hair style and armoured bikini.

Princess Leya

The beautiful Princess Leya has now been unlocked on the Star Bowl IndieGoGo page and is now presented to us in all her beauty.

Her design is suitably evocative of the iconic character which it draws influence from, as well as having a style of its own with its more cartoony proportions. Although dressed like that she probably won't be very protected from the rougher elements of fantasy football, that's not to say the outfit won't prove useful on the pitch. After all, it might make it a good deal more difficult for the other players to keep their eyes on the ball.

Will you support this IndieGoGo campaign for a team from a galaxy far, far way?

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