Scibor’s Dwarves Steam Ahead in Fantasy Football

October 1, 2013 by dracs

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There are two things that seem to go well with Dwarves; steam power and football. Now Scibor have taken all three of these things to bring out their new Dwarf Steam Players!

Dwarves Steam Players

The steam-powered armour looks pretty cool, with the engine and exhaust pipes mounted on the back. It's a design which would not look out of place in Warmachine.

Howver, I cannot feasibly imagine these guys as football players. Dwarf teams are never the most mobile at the best of times, but I would have thought a prerequisite to playing football would be the ability to move your limbs. These guys look less mobile than Humpty Dumpty.

Are Scibor's dwarves going to be picked for the team or should they stay on the bench?

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