This Is The Star Wars Inspired Team You’re Looking For

June 18, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for an alternative team for the Fantasy Football pitch then how about this IndieGoGo Campaign that is looking to fund a series of Star Wars inspired models? Check out Star Bowl below by RN EStudios...


Star Bowl Board

Star Bowl Vader

As you can see the first team in the works is the Jawa one and it actually looks pretty fun. As well as that they have the exclusive pitch themed after Tatooine.

On top of the Jawa there are also plans for a Vader miniature and plenty more too. If you check out the page for this fundraiser you might run into someone that looks a little like Yoda!

Some of the miniatures they have done in the past are pretty darn good so they have a neat pedigree to build on.

Will you be pledging?

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