Start Rotting Away With Meiko Miniatures Nurgle Team

October 18, 2012 by brennon

If you're a fan of Fantasy Football (and why wouldn't you be?) then this might excite you! Meiko Miniatures have been steadily working away at a few interesting miniatures for a while now and they have actually got a full Nurgle Team on offer through their website in glorious 28mm...

Nurgle Team

Beast of Nurgle

With Games Workshop almost point blank refusing to do anything with their Blood Bowl game miniatures wise, it's good to see other companies picking up the slack for one of the best rules systems out there. A friend of mine is actually playing a Nurgle team right now and I warrant he would be rather taken by this one you can see above.

A lot of detail has gone into even the basic rotter linesmen and the Beast of Nurgle is looking superb. There are also Flesh Golems, Cheerleaders, Halflings and more over on their website so check them out!

What do you make of these miniatures?

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