Tabletop Art Provide Your Football Players with a Hand

October 11, 2013 by dracs

Get ready football fans as Tabletop Art are preparing to expand their Bloody Sports range of accessories with some characterful new additions.

Thrower and Catcher Hands

This new selection of hands will be a great way to take away a miniature's static positioning and make it look like they are actually playing the game. I particularly like the oven mit hand. Somehow I can imagine either a Halfling or an Orc using that to try and catch with.

Bloody Sports 40mm Bases

These bases also give a good impression that an actual game is going on. You might think there isn't that much which can be done with the flat ground of a football pitch, but by littering the bases with debris from fans you've suddenly placed the game in wider setting where people scream and shout at every move your models make.

Think either of these sets from Tabletop Art will help you win the game?

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