A Treeman Grows Out of Willy Miniatures IndieGoGo

August 21, 2013 by dracs

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Upon my return to the country I was really excited to see that Willy Miniatures, creators of some of the most characterful fantasy football minis out there, had returned to Indiegogo to help fund their new team of Imperial Halflings.

Imperial Halfling Team

Understandably I have always felt something of an affinity for halflings and these sculpts certainly seem to capture much of the comical character of these rotund players. But there is one thing I have always particularly liked about halfling teams:



I have to say I don't think that this is one of Willy's strongest sculpts. The figure looks more like a gnarled human or troll than a treeman.

However, this looming player will be joining both halfling teams which Willy are funding on Indiegogo. That's right Willy are running two Indiegogo campaigns, one for the Imperial Halfling team and one for the previously announced Ultimate Halfling Team.

Ultimate Halfling Team

The Imperial Halfling team is still in need of funds, but the Ultimate Halflings recently surpassed their first stretch goal meaning some contributors can expect to see the treeman star player known as Old Stomp.

Old Stomp

The normal treeman might not quite look the part, but this guy looks every inch a golem of living wood. Awesome.

Are you going to help Willy Miniatures? Will you fund the Imperial team, or the Ultimate team?

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