Willy Miniatures Call for Mummy

November 19, 2012 by dracs

On the field of fantasy football, many players may fear the wrath of the ref, but even more fear the day when Willy Miniatures calls for their mummy!

Willy Miniatures - Mummy Players

Yes they may be unravelling at the seams, but Willy Miniatures' latest players are sure to give you the willies.

Of course, it isn't just the mummy's curse you have to fear on the football pitch. Check out this new Troll from the underworld.

Willy Miniatures - Underworld Troll

From the look of the head this guy's sculpt is rather similar to GW's old stone trolls, but with the addition of some rather cool stitched together clothing. It gives him something of a steampunk vibe and I could definitely picture him appearing in something like Wolsung SSG.

Do you guys favour the fearful mummy, or the monstrous troll?

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