AntiMatter’s Latest Mini is the Bomb!

October 20, 2013 by dracs

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The finished sculpt for one of the scurvy Fortune Hunter crew starter set has been unveiled by AntiMatter Games for their game of fantasy nautical style skirmishing ShadowSea. Beware the mad, pyromaniacal grin of the Mad Bomber.

Mad Bomber

Mad Bomber 2

Mad Bomber 3

Mad Bomber 4

Sculpted by Brother Vinni, the Mad Bomber might be one of my favourite minis from AntiMatter Games so far. True it isn't as imaginitive as many of their models often are, but it just drips with piratical style and you have got to love that mad grin. I would definitely include him in my ShadowSea crew, although I probably wouldn't allow him near the gun powder.

Need to get your ShadowSea games off to a bang?

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