Arena Rex Has a Bit of a Bug Problem

February 5, 2014 by dracs

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A bunch of new previews and teasers have been shown off for Arena Rex, including the impressive sight of scuttling scorpion ridden by a fearless female warrior.

Zahra and Sereqet

This is the WIP of Zahra and Sereqet, a truly terrifying monster that is sure to get the crowd's attention when it scuttles into the arena. Conceived by Arena Rex's Kickstarter backers, this model will apparently be standing at about 100mm (including the tail) in height. Definitely an impressive piece  that we all look forward to seeing finished.

Of course, sometimes Zahra will have to get down from her scorpion, so Arena Rex have also published an image of the WIP for her unmounted model.

Zahra on Foot

With her whip flowing around her and the tassels of her head dress lifting up behind her, this is a very cinematic miniature with a great level of grace to the sculpt's pose.

Finally, we get a quick teaser of the next addition to the Morituri, a character named Anum accompanied by his pet pooch.


Did I say pooch? I meant blood thirsty hyena. Yeah, I doubt this one ever starred in the Lion King.

How do you guys think things are shaping up in the arena?

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