Bandua Wargames Release New Terrain For Orktober

October 23, 2018 by cassn

Just when you thought Orktober couldn't get any more jam-packed with decadent, violent mayhem, the excellent folks over at Bandua Wargames have released some table bundles which will get your Greenskins tingling.


I mean, look at these builds. Bandua have really outdone themselves with the detailing on these products.



Released today exclusively through the Bandua website, these Orktastic bundles are available in lots of different configurations, allowing them to be stacked.

There are three different bundles available.


The Ork Constructions Pack contains three pre-painted Ork buildings (small, medium and large), with loads of smaller pieces which can be attached for decoration and details.


The "Orkburg" Kill Zone Pack contains everything in the Constructions Pack plus ten anti-tank traps, six black tyres, and 2 pre-painted deposits; - a perfect bundle for gamers who use small Kill Team tables or play Ork skirmish games.


We have, of course, saved the best for last. The "Orkburg" Table Bundle is the complete package, designed for an Ork-themed Warhammer 40K table to truly celebrate the season in style. The kit includes three small, three medium, and three large Ork constructions, fifteen black anti-tank traps, 2 pre-painted deposits, and 3 pre-painted craters.


Everything you need to sate your lustful battle thirst in one Ork-filled bundle!


There is also the option to buy buildings individually if you want to truly customize your table set-up, however, the guys at Bandua have done an absolutely amazing job constructing their bundles. You can get them now through their website.

How are you celebrating Orktober? Projects, gaming, or both? Tell us below!

"Everything you need to sate your lustful battle thirst in one Ork-filled bundle!"

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