Reverend Moiras – Apocalypse Survivors – Greylord Outriders

June 6, 2013 by Justin

Time for another unboxing from BoW HQ. Kicking off this weeks episode Mike pops in with Justin to have a look at the Greylord Outriders for Warmachine. Next up Justin is joined by Carlos from Infinity to have a look at the Reverend Moiras from the Nomads faction of Infinity, and finally we get a look at the Apocalypse Survivors from our buddies over at Wargames Factory. This is one kick ass kit letting you outfit your guys with almost any weapon you can think of.

Wargames-Factory - Apocalypse Survivors

So that's the line up this week, but what's caught your eye, guys? What would you like to see unboxed in the future?

Reverend Moiras - Nomads

Khador - Greylord Outriders

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