Bronze Age Miniatures Barbarians, Dwarves and Amazons

May 14, 2012 by brennon

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Bronze Age Miniatures have revealed a wealth of new releases for a variety of their ranges. Check the whole lot out below from bronzed Barbarians to Cossack Dwarves...


Barbarian #1

Barbarian #2

Female Barbarian #1

Female Barbarian #2

Hyboria can count itself lucky that these barbarians are about to hold back the Stygians! The first barbarian has to be my favourite with his winged helm and the stance looking like he is about to launch into battle.

Cossack Dwarves...

32mm Cossack Dwarf #1

32mm Cossack Dwarf #2

32mm Cossack Dwarf Mounted & Foot

32mm Dwarf Female

These are also some fantastic looking Dwarves. It's novel to have a race of bearded warriors who ride into battle on ponies rather than shunning the use of mounted combat. I love the mix of the Eastern European clothing and style mixed with the grumbling brutishness of the Dwarf.


Amazon #1

Amazon #2

Amazon #3

These Amazons are also looking pretty special. They have that lithe power that you would associate with the Amazon Woman Warriors as well as having some great looking Greek armour.

Viking Archer

And not to be left out is this Viking Archer looking ready to go hunting or raiding from his long ship. I do like nearly all these models from Bronze Age Miniatures and the paint jobs are fairly awesome too. I might have to pick up some of those Cossack Dwarves simply to add to my collection of beardy blokes.

Does anything from this new wave of releases take your fancy?

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