Carrowek of Carn Dhu from Mierce Minis Prepares to Execute You

October 9, 2012 by brennon

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A mighty monolithic warrior who would put He-Man and Conan to shame with his muscles is heading to Mierce Miniatures ready to chop off heads and generally act like a total bad ass. Check out the images from SIMON Miniature Sculptor below...



"Carn Dhu, the black fortress at the heart of Kernow's betrayal, skulks on an impregnable promontory of granite that dominates the coast and the lands around it and not least because of its lord, the brutal Carrowek, who serves Kernunnos as only the Kernowek can. A War-Drune of grotesque proportion so blessed by his god for his unblinking servitude and unthinking ferocity and beloved of Euryalia for his unswerving loyalty, Carrowek controls great swathes of his lands and influences much more through simple reputation and the power of his retinue, for he commands Ax-Drunes and Sword-Drunes and Chain-Drunes in numbers no other lord of Kernow ever could: yet the fear he inspires in the Seaxans and the Norse and indeed any who would dare to prick the realm of Ker-Ys whilst he lives ensures he is ever abroad with his mighty host, seeking to quench his ravenous thirst for battle and blood and slaughter in the Horned God's name."

Now that's one mighty warrior with a grudge to bear. Is this going to be one of those miniatures that makes your wallet cry, or are you not impressed with this musclebound warrior of doom and bloodshed?

Carrowek will be available from 11th November.

What do you think folks?

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