Cipher Studios Ship Out More Anima Tactics Beauties

December 10, 2012 by brennon

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Cipher Studios are shipping out some more fantastic Anima Tactics miniatures. Check out Hecatondies Zero Sigma and Hamadria below, the second being painted up exquisitely...


Hamadria is pretty relaxed and innocent looking, so what she's doing in the world of Anima Tactics worries me! I imagine you folks more versed in this world can tell me exactly what powers she brings to the table.

Hecatondies Zero Sigma

This fellow is a pretty awesome piece of concept art. He (or indeed she?) has caused a little bit of a buzz it seems with people on the Cipher Studios site and I can't wait to see it in miniatures form. It's probably going to be amazing.

Which of these two would you pick up? Maybe you'll grab both!

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