Comfy Chair Games Call on the Ancient Gods

August 8, 2012 by brennon

Comfy Chair Games have a new game on the horizon, Dominion of the Gods. As a teaser here is a Work-in-Progress of one of their Godly models, the master of Wisdom and War, Athena.

Dominion of the Gods - Athena

Dominion of the Gods allows you to choose a pantheon of Gods and then do battle against your opponents with a plethora of monsters from mythology and legend. Of course you also get to use the mighty Gods themselves.

What do you make of Athena above?

Sneaky Addition!

Ares, Minotaur, Cylcops

Here is a sneak peek at two of the finished monsters and the master of war Ares!

Does this game spark a little bit of interest?

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