Cool Mini or Not Bust Out the Wrath of Kings

September 13, 2012 by dracs

Coll Mini or Not have announced the release of a number of limited edition miniatures for the Wrath of Kings, ready to er, bust out onto the table top.

I shall now present them too you in order of amount of clothing.

Wrath of Kings - Dancing Master

Wrath of Kings - Blood Mask Howl

Wrath of Kings - Nasier Champion

Wrath of Kings - Blood Mask 1

Wrath of Kings - Blood Mask 2

Wrath of Kings - Blood Mask 3

Yes, today's fashion is from the best of bondage collection.

Despite the proportions and lack of clothing, these are not bad sculpts which could also be easily included in other games, such as Dark Age or Hell Dorado. The lack of clothing isn't even that much of a problem, as it makes the miniatures even more disturbing, matching the aesthetic which they are apparently aiming for.

Leave us your thoughts on Cool Mini or Not's latest scantily clad female minis.

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