CP Models Take you Back to the Prehistoric

July 26, 2012 by brennon

It's all well and good to be looking out for Dinosaurs trying to eat you when you head back in time, but you should always watch out for the little ones too. Check out some new Prehistoric nastiness from CP Models Miniatures.

15mm Carnosaurs

First up are these grinning Carnosaurs in 15mm scale. It would be nice to see these up against some other miniatures just so you could tell how they might work in 28mm as well. I like them though and they could provide some nasty surprises for hapless adventurers when these things come bounding out of the bushes.

28mm Trilobites

Next up are some Trilobites, this time in 28mm scale. I suppose as well as denizens of some dark forest or undersea cavern they could become part of a terrain feature as well. They aren't the most exciting miniatures but there is always a use!

Come to think of it, is there many companies that produce dinosaur miniatures?

Let me know in the comments below.

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