A Creepy Wild Aarg Hobbles out of Spellcrow

April 24, 2012 by brennon

Spellcrow enjoy making creepy beasties and this one is no exception. Check out one of their latest creations, the Wild Aarg below...

Wild Aarg

A cross somewhere between a troll and a squig this thing looks both disgusting and cool in equal measure. I can imagine these being fantastic dungeon fodder or as conversion bits for your fantasy armies. I wonder if its house trained?

Dwarf Mage Painted

Some of you may also remember this particular Dwarf Mage from Spellcrow too. We showed you a Work-in-Progress of this a few weeks back but now the model has been painted up and is ready for sale. Check out that source lighting on the gem!

Will you be hunting for a Wild Aarg?

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