Dark Art Studios Get Ogre It

November 8, 2012 by dracs

Dark Art Studios have been hard at work releasing two terrifying monsters with which to populate your fantasy worlds. They are of course that most voracious and dim witted of creatures, the Ogre.

Dark Art Studios Ogore

Or Ogore as this particular specimen is called. Hardly the rotund beings we are used to from Games Workshop. This guy would make the perfect monster for a group of DnD adventurers to face, or even an alternative for an Ogre Gorger in an Ogre Kingdoms army, although I do think the GW sculpt is the better of the two.

Yet Dark Art have not neglected the more chubby members of the species, as you can see from this Ogre Gore Master.

Dark Art Ogre Gore Master

Dark Art Studios Ogre Gore Master

Wow Pyramid Head really let himself go. This sinister sculpt could be a characterful alternative for an Ogre Butcher, although I'd hesitate to use that first head option. He looks really constipated.

will your dungeons become infested with Dark Art's Ogres?

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