The Deadly Quetzalcoatl Leads The Aztecs In Hell Dorado: Inferno

March 5, 2013 by brennon

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Cipher Studios have given us all a double whammy today with an update for their Hell Dorado: Inferno Kickstarter. Check out the artwork for Quetzalcoatl below...


From the Kickstarter update...

"The being now known as Queztalcoatl was once an Aztec. His origin and station in society have long since been forgotten. In 1519 when Cortes was rampaging through Aztec lands, Queztalcoatl found a strange portal in the caves near his village. After showing the other villagers and some scouting of the other side of the portal that had mysteriously appeared in the rock, the villagers decided that this was a portal to Mictlan, the underworld. Quetzalcoatl became convinced that the gods had opened the portal to provide the Aztecs with an escape from the foreign invaders that threatened their way of life.

He and the majority of the other villagers decided to withdraw to Mictlan in an attempt to preserve and protect the Aztec’s way of life. The rest of the villagers where sacrificed to show the villagers thanks to the gods for bestowing such a gift upon them. Hell has had its twisting effects on the Aztecs and all that remains of the villagers now is a group of simian Lost tribes, with hazy memories of being human, who revere Queztalcoatl as a quasi-deity and their leader."

Looks pretty fantastic! Plus with the whole 'world ending' fear we had towards the end of last year Aztecs and Mayans are very much the flavour of the moment when it comes to apocalyptic world-ending forces.

Looking forwards to his release?

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