Delve into the Dungeons of GameCraft Miniatures

January 7, 2013 by dracs

GameCraft Miniatures have released a selection of corridors and hallways for you to create an extensive dungeon.

GameCraft - Straigh Hallway

GameCraft - Large Room

GameCraft - 4 Way Intersection

GameCraft have a wide array of different types of corridor segments which will allow you to create a winding and constantly evolving dungeon environment to send fantasy adventurers scurrying through.

The segments themselves are plain and unadorned, allowing you to decorate them as you see fit. Is it the dark depth of a Necromancer's castle? Or is it the collapsing remnants of a Dwarf hold?

Do any of you think you'd be tempted to make a full dungeon to take your adventures to a new dimension?

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