Download yer free Cutlass Loot, Landlubbers!

April 5, 2011 by beerogre

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

Ye can now download the templates and roster sheets yer going to need if ye want to play Cutlass!

If ye haven't watched our Turn 8 show where we had a quick look at Cutlass... then get on over and have a watch... HERE.

But if ye have, here's a little more scuttlebutt from the Black Scorpion website.

Cutlass! is a fantasy pirate rulebook for use with our pirate ranges. 124 pages, full colour. Filled with excellent artwork, photography, graphics and miniatures. 

 Cutlass is a fantasy pirate skirmish game. A crew/gang consists of around 10-30 models and a game takes a couple of hours. 

The Cutlass rulebook has an introduction to the rules, actions, skills and weapons, encounters and campaign sections.

The campaign system is really the heart of the game. Your crew will increase (or decrease!) in number, gain skills, injuries, weapons and better attributes. You will also earn money to buy equipment, crew members and territory. At the end of each game there is a post game campaign sequence where all this happens. Roster sheets, tokens, charts etc.. are all in the book. We will also supply online versions of these free of charge. 

You can also easily play one off games should you wish.

... and just for fun... here's some of the Goblin Pirates!

Arrrggh me Hearties!

Cap'n Andy

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