Elven Royalty Will Be Arriving at Hasslefree Miniatures

October 22, 2013 by dracs

The people of Hasslefree are going away to America this October, but while this means our miniature orders are going to be a little delayed they will be unveiling some cool new minis to keep us interested, starting with a Princess of the Elves.

Luna Princess of the Violet Wood

This elven lady is Luna, Princess of the Violet Woods. The sculpt is an excellent character piece, capturing the grace and beauty we tend to associate with elves. Luna here will definitely make a nice miniature for an elven rogue or warrior for games like DnD. I'd even be tempted to include her as part of a Shadow Elves force in Mordheim.

Luna isn't the only fantasy piece Hasslefree have. Now we finally get to meet the father of their old favourite Gwendolyne; Syr Olwyn.

Syr Olwyn

Syr Olwyn is a really nice sculpt. The cloak and armour ties him in well with the previous model Gwendolyne, while he still has enough of his style so as to not simply be a male version. I particularly like the way he has been sculpted kissing some sort of holy icon as it goes some way tp showing us what this guy is like.

These are just a preview of some of the new pieces Hasslefree hope to release in their absence, so I am looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer us.

Will either of these two join your adventuring parties?

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