You Can’t Escape The Baldursson Brothers From Oathsworn!

April 13, 2013 by brennon

I let you have a momentary reprieve from my Dwarf-love yesterday but today I will be revisiting my favourite Kickstarter of the moment from Oathsworn for their Heroes of the Dwarfs...

Baragor Baldursson

This grumbling dwarf is one of a pair, the second of which is coming next named Brogar. To make all you old grumblers feel good that's exactly what the Baldursson brothers do, grumble about times gone by.

As well as a new sculpt there are plans afoot for the future as the Kickstarter burst its target yesterday. They are looking on towards stretch goals which could include a Blacksmith, Mechanic, Female Slayer, Female Warrior in Armour, Thief, and maybe a Priestess.

The stretch goals are very open ended so if you have something you'd like to see suggest it to them on the Kickstarter or here beneath the article.

Who loves Dwarfs as much as me?!

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