Face the Decay of Titan Forge!

June 5, 2013 by dracs

The Daemonic Kingdom of Titan Forge is facing a spread of decay as their latest miniatures are unveiled. Prepare to face these Daemons of decay!

Titan Forge - Daemons of Decay

Flying on tattered wings is the Behemoth of Decay, backed up by the Harbinger of Decay and flanked by the Descendants of Decay. Seeing a pattern here?

Titan Forge New Release Banner

These are excellent daemonic sculpts, the Descendants looking especially horrifying and non-human. However, nothing about them particularly scream decay. A closer look at the sculpts might give me a better idea, but unlike other decay style daemons these ones aren't dripping with pustules and splurged intestines. It is good that Titan Forge are trying a different approach to the subject, but this is rather what a person has come to expect of a daemonic creature of decay.

Will you summon forth any of these horrors?

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