Fenris Find Some Orcs of the Bronze Age

November 5, 2013 by dracs

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Fantasy races haven't always existed in just one time period. The people of Middle Earth didn't just appear in their medieval culture. Fenris Games seem to understand this as they are soon to bring out a new set of Bronze Age Orcs.

Bronze Age Orc

Bronze Age Orc 2

It is always a nice change to find some fantasy miniatures placed outside the usual time period of the middle ages. Recently we have been seeing far more of them popping up in WWI and WWII, but there are a lot of other time periods for them to take part in.

Fenris' Bronze Age Orcs definitely fit this bill. From the style of the armour they seem to be based upon the Persian Empire, which would make for a nice themed force of Orcs.

What other time periods do you think deserve a fantasy treatment?

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