The Final Sculpts Complete Stonehaven’s Dwarven Line

October 25, 2012 by brennon

The last sculpts from the Stonehaven Dwarf Kickstarter have finally been finished. Check them out below alongside a pretty mighty looking Troll...

Final Dwarf Sculpts

Fighter, Monk, Wounded Dwarf

First up we have all of these new heroes. Blacksmiths, Miners, Hunters, Inn Keepers and Monks are all part of the Dwarven adventuring party that you could start a great journey with. I'm pretty sure there isn't a sculpt I don't like up there...


Then we have this massive Troll ready to take on your Dwarven heroes. That is a lot of miniature! I like this different take on the monstrous troll, giving it more of a cartoony look to go along with the Dwarves themselves.

Dwarven Bitz

And finally you have the Bitz Sprues that can add a little bit of character to your Dwarves or even be used to create some interesting dungeon objectives.

Overall I would say that the Stonehaven Dwarf line is looking pretty fantastic. I hope all those who pledged are looking forwards to receiving your goodies!

What do you think of these Dwarves?

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