Fly High With New Sky Pirates For Uncharted Seas

July 24, 2013 by brennon

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Spartan Games are making good on their promise with Uncharted Seas. Check out some new Sky Pirates that will be taking to the skies and the seas to raid this fantasy world...

Sky Pirates Katara Class Cruiser

Uncharted Seas Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates Kirpan Class Destroyer

The Sky Pirates have always had a nice style to them and the new ships are no different. I like the twist towards a Greek style with the patterning on the hulls and the airships are ace looking.

They really have pushed the boat out (pun intended) with these new ships for Uncharted Seas and I hope that this boosts the popularity of the game. I think it's the best one they've put together.

What do you think?

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