The Future of Avatars Of War Is Filled With Goblins!

February 1, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War is looking to the future of Warthrone once again with a selection of different pieces of concept art for their Orc & Goblin horde. Soon you'll have something to face off against your Dwarf army!

Goblin Warrior

Goblin Spearman

Goblin Rifleman

Goblin Archer

Above you can see some of the concept art for their regular troopers. I love the way the Archer and Rifleman are looking and the Warriors aren't too shabby either. It's cool to see a Goblin that looks like he could handle himself in a fight, especially with all that armour on.

Goblin Baby-Ogre Rider

Goblin Bat Rider

Avatars of War even have plans for some more exotic units including the Bat Riders and oddly that strange Baby-Ogre! It's a tad crazy but it looks like the perfect mount for a happy go lucky Goblin!

The only thing to do now is wait until this army hits the store. Maybe we'll see another Kickstarter to get them out onto the tabletop quicker?

Would you like playing as these Goblins or their other Dragonborn race that was conceived?

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