Grombrindal Takes the Games Workshop Directors Chair

January 28, 2013 by dracs

Every year Games Workshop releases a new Citadel miniature of the White Dwarf mascot, the much beloved Grombrindal. Well I just got my first look at 2013's version of the famous ancestor. And action!


Oh Grombrindal, what did they do to you? You used to be such a bad ass!

Ok, to be fair this is actually a really nice miniature. The sculpting is excellent and the diorama in general has tons of character. I particularly like the steam-punk style camera, with all the gears and runes sticking out of it. You could imagine it being used to film a game of Blood Bowl. It just seems like such a bizarre idea to make Grombrindal a director.

Grombrindal director

Previously, we have seen the White Dwarf as a pirate, an early pioneer of aviation and even an astronaut, but these at least seemed to tie in with Games Workshop's various worlds and designs.

Why a film director? What will it be next year? Grombrindal mowing the lawn? Grombrindal playing tennis? Or maybe they'll have him playing a game of Warhammer, thereby creating a weird cyclical paradox.

Will any of you be picking up the White Dwarf's latest incarnation?

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