The Halflings of the East Ride Out of Riceball

June 10, 2013 by dracs

The way of the Samurai has attracted many over the years, but none quite so strange as Riceball's halflings, one of whom has just perfected the art of mounted warfare.

Mounted Halfling Samurai

This little guy is ready to ride out upon his ibex in defence of his short shogun's honour.

Now one might wonder why the halfling is riding an ibex, to witch the appropriate response is "it's a samurai halfling, your argument is invalid." The sculpt of the ibex itself is one of the most dramatic mount models I have seen. There is a great sense of motion and movement to it. The halfling sits atop it almost as an afterthought. All in all good work Riceball.

Anyone in need of a short samurai and his mount from Princess Mononoke?

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