Harwood’s Cultists Betrayed Shiva!

April 23, 2013 by dracs

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Harwood Hobbies' range of exotic figures for swashbuckling adventures is set to expand with a couple of vicious looking cultists. Prepare to meet Kali!

Kali Cultist

Kali Cultist Deathdealer

The first one is your standard evil cultist affair, sinister looking and wearing a skull head belt buckle if you didn't get the evil vibe right away.

The Deathdealer though I really like. I could easily picture her as some sort of unit champion, or even as a character for a RPG.

These two are also joined by a seductive feathered friend, the Siren.


The sculpt is by no means the most ground breaking I have seen, but I do like the design of the Siren which seems to combine both its seductive and monstrous qualities.

Fancy joining the Cult of Kali? Or will you give in to the Siren's song?

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