Head to Lead Adventure to Hire Yourself Some Mercenaries

August 19, 2013 by dracs

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In times of need we might sometimes be forced to turn to sell swords and the citizens of Lead Adventures Bruegelburg are no exception as they release this motley crew of vagabonds.

Bruegelburg Mercenaries

Each of these mercenary miniatures is very individual in design with a lot of character behind each sculpt. You see them gathered together and you know there must be a story behind it.

Mercenary Captain 1

Mercenary Captain 2

Mercenary Assassin

Mercenary Thugs

This set of mercenaries is like a ready made Mordheim team, though they could easily be used in many other games. Their individual style means these minis would probably be best served in a skirmish game, rather than lost in a large unit.

The assassin is particularly versatile and that mask hanging around his neck means I might even consider him for Carnivale.

Fancy hiring any of this crew to do your dirty work?

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