Hell Dorado Welcomes More Heroes & Villains

July 11, 2013 by brennon

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Cipher Studios showed us an awesome addition to Anima Tactics yesterday and today is the turn of Hell Dorado. Check out this amazing artwork below for some new personalities...

Kun Yaomo

"Kun Yaomo  is an ancient Naga that has resided and served in the City of Diyu for over a thousand years. His martial prowess is only surpassed by his tactical brilliance, giving him unparalleled control of the battlefield and the terms of engagement."

Mictlantecutli, The Lord of the Dead

"Mictlantecutli is the Aztec god of the underworld and a new officer addition to the Lost. Brother to Quetzacoatl, he cloaks himself in the blood of a thousand sacrifices to gain power over the souls of the damned in Hell. Mictlantecutli is cunning and ambitious. To him, all are disposable pawns in his quest for greater power over death. While his brother rages and battles alongside Bran Carnoth’s Lost, Mictlantecutli plays a longer game. He will sacrifice both friend and foe to serve his greater aims."

Remus, The Jilted Twin

"Remus is the betrayed brother of Romulus, patron god of Rome. Raised alongside his twin brother by wolves, Remus has taken the aspect of his parentage in his unending hunt for his brother’s lost soul. Once he catches a whiff of Romulus’ presence, nothing can stop the blood frenzy that comes over him. Any who stand between Remus and his hunt will be witness to a sweet preview of what he has prepared for when he finally finds his dear brother."

They all look fantastic but I prefer the awesome Remus at the bottom. I do like the Roman style and of course it's hard to say no to a new Werewolf figure. The back story is pretty awesome too, a nice twist on the legend.

It's going to be interesting seeing how they pull together Mictlantecutli too and even more fun if they produce a painted version of him filled with object source lighting!

Some great additions to the line up I'd say, but what do you think?

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