Imbrian Arts Keep a Deamonic Eye on You

October 2, 2013 by dracs

Imbrian Arts have two new fantasy sculpts for you to bring to all manner of games.

This Cassowary Rider, for example, would be perfect for Angry Birds.

Imbrian Arts - Cassowary Rider

Ridden by one of the desert people (not to be confused with the Village People) that Cassowary looks like a really monstrous bird. It's the sort of thing that shows you birds really did evolve from dinosaurs.

Still this isn't the most terrifying thing Imbrian have made, as accompanying the Cassowary Rider we find the Deamonic Eye.

Imbrian Arts - Deamonic Eyeball

Now this might not seem that scary at first. In fact it looks a little goofy, like something out of the anime Soul Eater. But then you read Imbrian's description of how one of these comes to be:

The demon will under grow a painful transformation. A single eye will start to grow and continue to thusly until the skull encasing it cracks and breaks away. A pair of feeble wings sprout from the bloody orb and gain strength by thrashing about, flinging gore everywhere.


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